Friday, June 1, 2012

Four Months Old!

Our little boy is FOUR MONTHS OLD!
We have officially made it four months of him being completely breastfed.
A huge feat for me, (it has been super difficult and time consuming, but worth it!)
We celebrated by eating baby food, which he devoured and was totally ready for.
He loves sweet potatoes.

He is getting so smart and I can just see him changing every single day.
He now holds his own bottle, and is very insistent on that, and is starting to be interested in toys.
His hand eye coordination is amazing, and he is always putting his pacifier in and out.
He loves sucking on things, and will chew on whatever body part he can get ahold of while you hold him.

He is constantly smiling, always laughing, and making tons of sounds.
He is not much of a cuddler anymore, much too grown up for that ;)

He loves his Bumbo, especially if you are feeding him in it, and also eats fruit in his mesh munchkin net. (If you don't have one, get one, they are totally great.)

He loves bathe time, and naked time, and thinks the best game in the world is the diaper changing game. We love him so much and he is absolutely spoiled to death.
Being Cheeky.
Officially BLUE eyed.
So big!
Having what his dad calls a "finger snack" or "hand-burger."
Showering with Dad. So funny.

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