Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Town

In May we decided that the best thing for our little family would be to move to Heber and be closer to both sides of the family.

We got approved for a brand new subsidized housing complex in Heber. YAY. That means new wood floors, walk in closet...our own bathroom. WASHER AND DRYER! A cute little porch :) We are so excited, Heber was just a little out of budget for us, especially compared to Cedar City, and this allowed us to move in. We thought there would be a huge waiting list, but apparently there wasn't because no one was passing the credit check to actually be able to live in the new apartments. They were shocked when our credit passed because they have had to deny so many people.

The bad part of the new apartment complex is that they are still building it. They told us it would be ready by June 1st. We moved up a week in advance so I could start working and Colton could finish interviewing and training for his job. I packed for a week, thats it.

We have been here now for a month, and still haven't heard anything from the land management people. It is so frustrating. They have paved half the parking lot (the half that has all the unfinished buildings by it.) Which makes NO sense to me. And it looks like this could get dragged on for a long time.

Meanwhile we are at my parents 3 bedroom house. With 9 people. Its really, really cramped. I haven't lived with my parents in YEARS, so it's hard to be here and add a whole different family to the mix. Not only that but this house is so small, when Tai wakes up and screams (his new favorite thing to do) it wakes every single person in the house. Add in a growth spurt and make it multiple times a night, plus different work schedules and it gets really hard.

So I hope that their promise of "no later than July 1st" is genuine, otherwise we might not be able to take much more. I love my family, we just need to get into a better routine and Tai having 4 mom's is not helping much. I would also like to be able to let him scream for more than 10 seconds without panicking about waking everyone. I know. Horrible mom, right?

I also would like to have more than 7 outfits, and his nursery and different rooms to sleep in.

My Little Pasty Gangsta (as my mom calls him)
Starting to sit up.
Our New Place!!

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