Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Budget Wedding

We are officially, completely and totally PLANNING A WEDDING.
We are getting married on August 4th, 2012! (Less than 6 weeks away! AHHH)
We bought our rings, (that was an adventure) but I have nothing to show you because Colton still hasn't "officially" proposed. He is just hiding that little gem away to torture me. Men.

A few things about our wedding:

We WON our venue, from the beautiful new Allyse's Bridal Event Center.
(I love facebook competitions.)

My wonderful best friend Katelyn, and her husband Mike (both amazing photographers) are going to do our photography as a wedding gift.

Another great friend of mine, Briana Smellie, is going to make our cake! She also has a bunch of great decorations in our colors that we are borrowing, seriously we are so lucky!

My great friend Micah Gogan is going to DJ our wedding. He is great, and a lot of fun, so we are stoked about that.

And I found my dress. The dress. On KSL for $150.00.
It fit PERFECT. (Minus the alterations.)
Thanks for the advice guys!

So yes, it has been extremely budget friendly. I try really hard to make it fit in the budget and I really appreciate everyone who has helped make this a reality. We literally would not be able to do it without the amazing friends we have in my life.

All I can say about my ring is that we had it custom made to exactly what I wanted, and its totally a real diamond (which I did not think we could get.) We love Fred Meyer Jewelers. They have some super amazing stuff, and a lot of it is extremely affordable!


  1. I am so happy for you! I'm glad you won the FB thing, I was rooting for you! :)

  2. Hey Mary! I hope that this doesn't totally creep you out, but I came across your blog a while ago and I wanted to tell you that I LOVE it. You have a gift for writing, and reading about your adventures of becoming a mother is really touching. One of your posts in particular made me want to start my family like...right NOW. Thank you for sharing your story. :)

    This next part is totally unrelated, but reading about your wedding plans made me think of this. I recently graduated and bought a camera and am trying to start up my videography business. I looooove making videos and I have a passion for weddings. Because I am just starting, I have very little to show potential clients and so I am hoping to do several weddings over the next few months for very cheap or even free to build up my portfolio. If you would be interested in having a wedding video done at no cost, please let me know if I can help you. :) If you are interested, you can email me at or just find me on facebook. (I'm sure we have like 80 friends in common) :) Good luck with your wedding plans!

  3. Yay! Congrats on it all! I hope I get an invite!