Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jobs, Work, Work, Work.

Our transition to Heber has been good but also really crazy. Colton had a lot of different job offers and it really came down to who he was going to have to let down, and what positions worked best for our family. He was offered a great position at a really nice Assisted Living Facilty, and with his experience his pay was a lot better. He accepted the grave yard position, (it paid more and allowed him to work around my schedule) and started the night he was hired.

He LOVES it. They are going to pay for his schooling (and then up his salary when he gets certified) and he is finally doing what he loves full time. He is also working Walgreens part time, which is his play money, I am also working about 25 hours a week. The best part is that we have opposite schedules so Tai is always with one of us, and doesn't have to be with a sitter. If a sitter is necessary, my mom is five minutes down the road, so the situation is really ideal.

It was tough for the first couple weeks, we put in over 100 hours in the first week alone. I started to feel like I was never seeing Colton or Tai, but the routine is a lot better now.

Colton doesn't know anyone in Heber, and that has been hard for him, but he works so much and hangs out with my family, so I think it keeps him from being lonely. His family is only a 40 minute drive away, so that keeps him happy too. He wishes there was an MMA gym (of course) close by, but we are settling for something...similar. :)

I love my job. It's really easy, and I enjoy my coworkers a lot. I'm at the railroad, so we really only have people around for two hours in a 9 hour day. The rest is pretty quiet, and I like being out and having the time to myself. I like feeling like I am contributing and helping our family.

With both of us working, we are saving up for a honeymoon, and paying off debt, which is great! Hopefull in the next couple of years we can become debt free and get into a house. That is the goal.

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  1. Mary, I'm a long time reader and I LOVE your blog! I love your optimism and your way with words. You are so eloquent and I usually tear up during your posts! Please keep them coming, I know you are super busy. But I will always be a very loyal reader :) Good luck to your cute little fam!