Wednesday, October 31, 2012

9 Months

Our little Tai man was a skunk for Halloween. He stayed awake long enough to earn us some great candy, then fell asleep right before he could win the Kings photo competition. (Lazy, pure laziness.) Also the skunk suit was made to fit a 3 year old. My kid isn't that huge. We just figured extra leg space = extra warmth.

Heck yes. (Watching him crawl around with a foot of leg space dragging behind him was the highlight of the night.)

On a side note-every person at the trunk or treat picked out something "suitable for a baby." Either they thought we would actually feed it to our nine month old, or they were plotting against us. Regardless, the lady who picked out malted milk balls obviously had a death wish for Tai. Seriously. Who picks out Malted Milk Balls and says "he will love these." Um. Yeah. Love to get those throat sized things lodged in his windpipe....



We also humiliated him this month by making him wear a panda hat to Walmart, a mustache pacifier...everywhere, and dressing him like a girl (okay that was my little sisters babysitting him.)

Ahhh. The real reason people have kids. Humiliation 101.

Other milestones-caught him trying to take a bath in the toilet, and he ate toilet paper for breakfast.

To mix that up we attempted making him sleep in his crib, and you can pretty much see how that went...

This is the life ;)

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