Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Apartment

We are finally in our new place. It's a really great apartment complex and we have a great community.

The neighbor above us is raising a pony. Isn't that great? I mean, I've never met their pony, but I figured that must be the reason for all the noise.

Her husband is training to be in the NBA. He practices playing basketball on the wood floor just above my kitchen. The way the ball bounces day in and day out, whether its 6 am or 39 o clock at night-that's some serious dedication. I love me some dedication. That's good stuff.

Our next door neighbors are Hispanic. At least I assume so. They have a small child named Alex. Sometimes I walk into my kitchen half dressed and Alex is there greeting me. He yells things in spanish. I'm not bilingual but i think he usually says something along the lines of "mama, you look like crap." And yes, he calls me mom.

If you are really into partying we have neighbors for that too. They are 50 years old and They like to smoke and drink beer on our car. If i need to USE my car, they stare at me like I'm crazy. Sometimes they take their shirts off. And sure, maybe they are breaking at least 4 codes on every given day, but hey, they like to have fun. We told the managers they didn't like to wear lots of clothes in public. Now they wear open vests, nothing underneath.

If partying isn't your thing you can join the gang of five year olds that regularly swear at my husband. I heard one call a little girl an "f-ing C$&!" And no, I'm not exaggerating on their age. They ride bicycles with lightning McQueen on them.

Ah, the joys of apartment complexes.

Really though, the complex is great, they just put a swing set in, and the lawn is huge and the walkways are wonderful.

We have run into a few...kinks with the inside of our house (we are on oven # 3) and the electricity isn't exactly..functional all the time. And sure, maybe they didn't take time to glue our countertop down or screw in the shelves, but it's something.

After all is said and done, it's ours and its new and its clean. It's close to family, and we are happy.

Here is a picture of..our front door. Please note that Colton found these glasses in a throw away pile at my work. An old lady threw them out because they were scratched. He put them on, wears them everywhere and thinks they are great... It's great.

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