Thursday, October 4, 2012

Being 7 Months Old Is Completely Unsanitary!

This post is a little late, but between my iPhone dying (thank you Tai) and a new house with an Internet service provider that says my address doesn't exist, I felt kind of against blogging.

The point being, Tai is 8 months old and I'm doing a 7 month update. Cool.

Our little guy is SO ahead of the game. He never felt like scooting, or army crawling, or anything, really. He just got up on all 4's and took off across the room. Seriously?

The next day he pulled himself to a standing position, and now he is walking around furniture like its nothing. Will I have an 8 month old walker? Maybe.

I feel like I lost my baby wayyyy to fast. It's also harder for me because the bigger he gets the harder it is for me to manage or hold him. I think that's why I get so sad about him being "big" because I feel like I only got to have the snugly baby who I could HOLD and CARRY for a few short months. Now he is so big, my shoulders can't take the weight...

So not fair!

On the bright side, Tai can now put some pretty great things in his mouth.

On the list?
The plunger (poop end, as Colton calls it.)
The toilet brush.
Used q-tips.
Shopping cart handles.
Other babies toys.
Other babies.
(Don't ask.)

(Judge away.) Seriously. Go ahead.

Maybe I'm just a tad naive for not knowing I would have to baby proof my whole house by 7 months old, but I'm learning fast.

This morning Tai crawled in the bathroom while I was doing my hair and dive bombed into the garbage. He then proceeded to open his mouth and try and grab whatever he could before I could pull him away. And yes, it was a bathroom garbage filled with who knows what. Totally gross.

He is a special soul, and he is into everything!

Other milestones this month:
Feeding himself cereal bites and table food.
Eating a lot of variety of table foods.
Waving hello and goodbye.
Giving high fives.
Responding to his name.
Playing independently or crawling to his room to play.
Saying "ma" and "huh" when you call him.
Laughing and playing chase with dad.
Jumping in his bouncer.
Being interested in toys.

He loves dogs, Mac n cheese, and his new sound toy.

He also loves pulling all the DVD's of the shelves, emptying his toy box and opening his diaper garbage.

He is obsessed with bathing (he puts himself in with all his clothes on) and makes a mad dash to the bath when he hears it running. He then splashes himself silly and stands up and down in the tub repeatedly.

He is really good at unscrewing bath drains, breaking springs that go behind doors (because he plays with them so much) and breaking various household objects.

Colton wants you to know Tai has a "bed wetting" problem, and is kind of lazy because he "still lives with his parents."

He is still sleeping smack dab in the middle of us (Colton is a softie) and he sleeps through the night as long as we are next to him.

When we try letting him "cry it out" or put him in his crib after he falls asleep-we get angry neighbors pounding on walls and a baby who wakes up hourly. Ugh! Any help with this or ideas would be appreciated!

That's our 7 month update! We sure love our little boy, even if he is a monster ;)

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