Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Blessing

Tai's Baby Blessing on March 25, 2012 was wonderful (and packed!!)

I felt the spirit so strong with both sides of my family sitting in the chapel, and friends from all wakes of life surrounding us on our special day. It was amazing to stand in church and see friends who I have known since Kindergarten all the way through to college roommates and neighbors. I saw teachers and leaders and a lot of my role models, I felt so much support and can't thank you enough for coming. My dad gave Tai his blessing, which was a complete honor, (my dad has only recently started going back to church, and he is such a great man to volunteer to bless Tai.)

In the blessing circle was family, and a couple of boys who really mean a lot to Colton and I. The first being my best friend Matt Watts, who I met at Snow College and then followed to SUU. He has always been there for me and I got teary knowing he would help in MaTai's blessing (MaTai is another form of Matthew.) He is an amazing man and one of the most kind hearted and sincere men I have ever met.

The second person was our friend Mic Snyder. Colton roomed with Mic when we went to Snow and we have recently become very close with him and his wife Whitney. They are such a great couple and the greatest friends to us. We felt so out of place in Cedar for so long and then they came to the hospital when Tai was born, brought us dinner the night we got home and have been our most trusted (and only) babysitters for Tai when we have gotten out for a date. (Just one, we are lame.) We love spending time with them and having them at the blessing and then having Mic in the circle meant a lot to me, but especially to Colton. I think he felt like these two men were taking his place and we couldn't have picked anyone better.

The luncheon after the blessing was very crowded. The entire street was lined up and down with cars and I couldn't believe how much support we had. MaTai got passed from person to person and Colton and I were constantly asking "where is my child?" There were SO many babies there, it was crazy. It seems like everyone is starting to have kids (at least five of my good friends from high school all have or are having little boys within the last year.)

My biggest regret of the day?  Not getting any pictures. Not one. I am a horrible mother. I didn't get a single picture of our family, or all of our extended family, or (get this) MaTai in his blessing outfit. (Colton did not feel bad about this, he despised the girly outfit Tai was in, lace and all.)

My best friend Katy did take this ONE picture of us at the luncheon, but Tai had already been changed, oh well...(I will recreate the outfit and take pictures for the scrapbook later.)

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  1. It truely was a exceptional day, one I will not soon forget. With all my love. Mom (Kynaston)