Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekend Fun

Baby and I have a cold, it is not fun. I felt so bad for him because he was crying a little bit but when I would try and give him his pacifier he would suck it for just a second and spit it out again. I finally realized he couldn't breathe through his nose very well. I finally ended up cuddling him to sleep on my chest and rubbing his back, poor guy-he was still up every two hours to eat.

Colton has taken good care of us. He came home from work last night with an arsenal of vicks vapor rub, soft tissues, chapstick, redbox movies and dinner. He also kept my ice water full and tucked us into bed after a warm, steamy bath. We are spoiled.

We spent the weekend up North with our families, and LOVED it. So many people on both sides that haven't seen him yet got to see him. Right now neither families really have room for us when we go stay with them (my brother Ryan slept on the couch when we stayed with my parents and Savannah slept in Colt's parents room when we stayed with them.) But the good news is, they are both looking at building right now, and have told us we will have a spot just for us when that time comes.

We attended my best friend Katy's baby blessing. Kru is two weeks older than MaTai, and I hadn't seen him until this weekend. He is a cute little boy, who is a huge handful to his poor parents! He is super active and likes to move around and interact and be held. I think Katy changed him 3 times and fed him 3 times while they were visiting for an hour or so. Tai just sprawled out on his dad and slept the entire time. At the dinner after the blessing our boys were getting passed around and we were constantly both doing the "where is my kid?" search. I am so glad that I have Katy to share this journey with.

I can never stop feeling thankful for how lucky we have been with this little boy and how peaceful and easy he is. But I think Heavenly Father knew we had already gone through our share of relationship testers and needed to plan a wedding, so he gave us a little break.

We got to register at Baby's R' Us for the shower that Colton's family is doing for us. That was an experience. There is so much stuff for baby's that you never even know you need until you go into a baby store. Especially all the amazing accessories for breastfeeding and pumping! I wish we would have had more time but Colton had to work so we were a little rushed.

As far as wedding planning goes, Colton and I talked about 6-9-12 (3 months away) or 10-11-12. I would rather get married sooner than later. But I also have to consider: Losing baby weight, money, leaving my little boy for a honeymoon, and planning time.

Regardless, I am excited to start getting into the planning. Colt just keeps talking about him and Tai's tuxes.

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  1. Mary can i tell you how much I love your blog! You have such a wonderful writing style, and I really enjoy reading about you and your cute family! I miss you tons! You little boy is flippin cute! Lets get together asap