Monday, March 12, 2012

Crazy Busy Week

Life is starting to feel overwhelmingly busy. Not for any particular reason except for trying to get all the stuff done that I pushed aside until "after baby." A few things on that list:

Thank You Cards. Lots and lots of thank you cards. People have been so overwhelmingly kind to us! We have been absolutely shocked by the love that has come from friends and family. Whether it was diapers, or advice, an outfit or a meal, we wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys, THANK YOU.

New Apartment.We are going to be moving at the beginning of May to a location with a pool, gym, playground and lots more storage! It is also a ground level apartment and...wait for it...has washer and dryer hook ups. We will also have CABLE television, which sounds like nothing unless you are home with a baby all day long. 

Visitors, Visitors: This little boy is the very first grandchild on both sides, as you know. Which means grandma's are wanting to see him constantly. This last weekend my mom came down and stayed with us and gave us a little bit of a break. She took Tai overnight and let us sleep a full 5 hours :) It was PURE bliss.

Pictures: We went and got pictures taken at Walmart while my mom was here. I called to set up an appointment, because I wanted basic studio pictures. They said it was their last day open and we set up a time. Well we went in, they took a ton of great shots, and then we looked at them to choose our favorites. I asked how much it would be to get the CD with all the rights to the photos's and the lady said "a lot but i'll give you a deal." So we paid $20 bucks for a full CD of studio pictures, (regularly $250) and the lady gave us a ton of coupons and free prints since it was their last day open and she was a little ticked off with Walmart. I am so lucky :) And maybe Tai did pee on me because I insisted on some naked pictures of him (which Colton freaked out about.) But that's fine. You know you are a mom when a baby pees on you and you make sure he is dry before realizing it's in your hair.

6 Week Milestone:That's right. I had my little boy 6 weeks ago! Isn't that crazy! Time has flown by! This means we start having to get shots, switching from Newborn to 0-3 month clothes and I get to exercise again. (Which I totally am not excited for, but my personal trainer Colton thinks its the best news ever.) 

Baby Shower: Colton's family is throwing me a baby shower for his side of the family and his friends. We are so excited. It's fun to register for a new baby but it actually seems more fun after you've had him for a little while and you start realizing what would come in handy. We went to Baby's R' Us and registered and have been adding to our Target registry list.

We saw crazy baby contraptions, like this bad boy:

Which looks hilarious, and like a torture device, but honestly (and don't judge) could come in handy when (like today) I was home alone, trying to pump and MaTai decided to spit out his pacifier every few seconds and cry. Let's just say it was a lot of leaky milk, a balancing act and an unhappy baby.

And no, I would not be walking around with a wine glass full of ice water looking like life is so fantastic. I would probably just be thanking the heavens that I could put a pacifier back in Tai's mouth and scratch my nose.

We are also getting more independent and going and visiting family, taking trips up North, to the grocery store, and even on a few dates.

Speaking of dates.

Wednesday is Colton and I's 3 year anniversary. Yup. 3 years of dating that boy. It has been off and on. Bumpy at times. (Tornadoes/Avalanches/Flash Flood/Natural Disaster kind of bumpy.) But I can honestly and proudly say that we have never been happier than we are right now.

We have never argued less. We have never loved each other more. This little boy has brought nothing but joy to our lives and he has truly let us realize how much we love each other. 

For our Anniversary we are going to our favorite sushi restaurant Benja in St. George (our one tax return splurge.) Our good friends Mic and Whitney are going to babysit Tai. Ahhhh. You read that right. How scary is it to leave my baby! But we really trust Mic and Whit and wouldn't want to leave him with anyone else. Plus, every newlywed couple needs a little free birth control. (Or in Whit's case a stronger desire for baby's, haha.)

I am very excited. 

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