Thursday, December 1, 2011

Charlie Brown

I have been feeling pretty bummed out this year. Mostly because we don't have any Christmas decorations, or a tree to put up, or anything festive like that. It didn't seem like a great investment to go buy a tiny fake tree for our apartment, and it wasn't in the budget, so I just kind of decided and accepted the fact that this first Christmas would have to be a little less...Christmasy.

That being said, Colton came home on his lunch break and told me to close my eyes. He pulled out a little box from under his coat. Inside was the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. A sad little guy with a single ornament. On the side of the box it said "It just needs a little love." Colt said "I didn't want you to go without a tree this year." I burst into tears and he got teary.

We both have had to sacrifice so much to afford our little Tai, and it has really brought us together and made our relationship so strong.

"The box said it just need's a little love. We don't have a lot of material things. But we do have a whole bunch of love. So I figured it would do well in our house."

I know every Christmas this special little tree will help us remember all the trials we faced in this first year.

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  1. Brent and I opted out of a tree this year too. Partly because we won't be here for Christmas anyway, and partly because we don't have room and don't wanna spend all the $$ for a real one...or a fake one. So I've made my grandparents promise I could decorate theirs :) First year's rough. I tip my hat to you for pushing through!