Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas At Our House

Christmas is going to be a...lot different this year. Colton works Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we don't have a tree, or lights, or anything to be festive, and we decided to keep presents to a minimum.  Colton got a gym pass he really wanted, so he can train MMA, and a video game that he's been drooling over for months. He makes me feel sad because he's trying to find "things" to give to me for Christmas, because he feels sad not having anything under the tree, but I don't want things. I am just happy to have HIM. I am happy to have a healthy baby. To have our bills paid, a nice home and a steady income. I told him my ring will be my biggest present and I know it will come as soon as we can afford it.

My parents are doing things differently also-they decided to take a big family trip instead of doing gifts, because material things are always forgotten, but memories and family time is remembered. I'm not going with them-ten hours in a car and nine months pregnant, without Colt, Pass. The good news is, on their way out of town, they are stopping in to Cedar City to spend the holidays with us.

We are excited for home cooked food, family time and a warm apartment. We (my mom and I) will also be working on Tai's nursery, and getting it all set up for the little guy. I can't express how much I love my mom, especially now with living "married" life and being so pregnant. I call her so many times a day I know she is sick of me. But she helps me so much.

We also are officially caught up on all of our bills! This makes me so excited because it's been a struggle the last few months to make ends meet with Colton changing jobs and bills piling up. But now we are up to date and can start saving money again. Maybe even ordering a pizza once in a blue moon (Colton's ultimate happiness) and getting a shiny object ;)

In baby news, I have had HORRIBLE heartburn.I will randomly get acid attacks and start coughing and it really feels like I can't breathe! Someone wrote that bad heartburn = baby born with a full head of hair. Which we already know this little guy has. I told Colton that random pregnancy tidbit and he said "ya, I already knew that, a lady I helped at work told me." (Because my pregnancy gets discussed with random lady 's who get photos at Walgreens.) He is a funny boy. He is always coming home with stories for me "Today, I saw a lady with a baby, it was such a cute baby." (That's pretty much what all the stories consist of.)  He also changes how far along we are on a regular basis. "She's 39 weeks right now, so only 4 more to go."

My back pain is AWESOME. No one told me I would have trouble rolling over, or getting up. Or that my feet would be so swollen my toes wouldn't touch the ground. I'm starting to get the wide eyed stares. "You are still up and about?"

We took a tour of the hospital, Colton LOVED it. He was stoked that the baby gets cleaned and bathed and measured all in the same room we stay in. He told the nurse excitedly that he can sleep on the floor or "anywhere really" after she showed him the pull out bed that she deemed "uncomfortable." He checked out the bathtub and the light switches and the equipment. Peered through the nursery. Inspected the hospital bed. You name it. When we got home, he announced, "I'm going to work, when I get home, you need to have the hospital bag all packed so we can leave at a moments notice."

I love him.

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