Monday, December 5, 2011

He's Still A Boy...

We went to the Ultrasound today, I had nightmares last night that we found out our little guy was a lady.
Not that a girl would be bad (I wanted a girl so much) but, we already have all the boys clothes.
Trying to replace all of them would be traumatizing.

That being said, our little Tai has a full head of hair, according to the Ultrasound tech, who was giggling looking at it. Tai kept grabbing at his little head of hair, adorable.

He is measuring a little earlier than we planned, one to two weeks, so we will see if he's an early bird.

Oh yeah, did I mention we got this lovely gem :)

That's our son :)


  1. That is truly amazing. We tried to get Enorah's face 6 times, no show. We gave up at 32 weeks. He is perfect, and he looks like his handsome daddy:)

  2. O I love ultrasounds! That is such a good shot too! He's a handsome little boy! I'm so excited for you two. Let us know if you need anything or just want to chat about pregnancy and having a baby it's still pretty fresh for me