Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pregnancy 1 Vs Pregnancy 2

This pregnancy has been a MILLION times different than my last pregnancy.

With Tai we didn't announce pretty much at all. Only our close family and friends (and those who read my blog) knew that I was expecting. And they found out when we were very far along. I think I told my parents at 15 weeks with Tai, and Colton's family found out a few weeks after that.

This time around, we told my family pretty early on (because Colton couldn't contain himself) and Colton's parents when I was about 10-11 weeks. We told Coltons extended family around 18 weeks (even though it was supposed to be a lot sooner but weather put off our family get together.)

We found out the babies gender at around 14-15 weeks. (Versus 20 with Tai.) We did a gender reveal party (instead of just calling our parents from the ultrasound room in Cedar City.)

I have worked full time and gone to school full time this entire pregnancy. With Tai I stopped working pretty quickly after we found out-I think a lot of the reason for that was emotional.

I gained about 40 pounds when I was pregnant with Tai. I've only gained about 1 pound so far in this pregnancy, so I hope I can continue to slowly gain and not get past my highest pre-pregnancy weight.

I seriously remember almost nothing about being pregnant with Tai. I was sick until just about 12 weeks exactly with this pregnancy-but I can't remember how long it lasted with Tai. I also didn't take any anti-nausea medicine with this baby and I've been A LOT better about prenatals.

I think it's crazy how freaked out I have been this whole pregnancy. Every symptom and cramp and pain has completely alarmed me and I cried every time I heard the babies heartbeat for the first few appointments because I was so relieved. With Tai I think I was so worried about the big picture that I didn't even look into what could go wrong or what certain symptoms meant. I had to ban myself from google and pregnancy forums early on because I made myself crazy.

Other milestones: I felt the baby move around 15 weeks. Now I am feeling him move constantly.

I have the same AWFUL sciatic nerve pain that I had with Tai, but i'm finding much better ways to manage it so that work doesn't become unbearable. (Thank you ice packs, massages and stand up desks!)

I've had some problems with low blood sugar this pregnancy. We tested early for Gestational Diabetes, but I passed just fine. If anything my sugar is usually way too low, so I monitor it with a blood sugar monitor to make sure i'm eating enough. (Ask me about how I passed out in a meeting with all of my bosses and coworkers-that was fun.)

One of the best things about this pregnancy has been being able to share it with people. Telling my family and friends. Having Colton there every step of the way. And watching Tai's excitement grow. Tai is beyond excited and has been involved in all of the appointments. He talks to the baby every day, watches videos with me about each week of pregnancy, and is always taking toys and other presents into the babies room.

Overall things have been going really well. A lot of the things that we were worried about have been totally fine. I have been able to work, go to school and have a healthy pregnancy and it has been such a happy time for our family. I've honestly really enjoyed the whole process and continue to be so excited for each milestone.

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