Saturday, March 23, 2013


We have had quite the winter season, it seems like we have been sick NON-STOP. Has anyone else felt this way? We have gotten every single strain of bug/cold/flu/virus to come around.

I took for granted being sick and only having to worry about myself. It is so hard to have a baby, and feel so gross, and be worried about passing it on to him. Since Colton can't take time off very easily, I'm usually the one calling in after being up all night with a sick baby.

I always feel guilty complaining about how hard it is to have a sick baby when you are sick, or even just a regular baby when you are sick. And if I say something about it there are always  people who say "be grateful you HAVE a baby." And let me tell you that drives me crazy. I love my son, I love him with all my heart. But when he is sitting on the bathroom floor watching me puke my guts out and grabbing my hair/trying to put his hands in the toilet-and I'm too weak to lift him, it is EXTREMELY hard.

To the people accusing me of not being grateful-I am grateful. That doesn't stop it from being hard. The same could be said for someone complaining of a dirty house (at least you have a house) or never seeing their husband (at least he has a great job.) I think that we need to not take things personally when other people vent. We can be grateful for our trials, and still have them be hard.


I have had to call into work/cancel plans/sit at home a LOT this winter. I call into work, or comment that Tai is sick or that I am sick to someone, I feel like people think I'm a bad mom or I'm unhealthy or that I'm faking it.

"That kid is always sick."

You are right. He is. It's been a bad luck winter.

He is still clean, he still gets fed healthy meals, he still gets fresh air to play outside, he just catches EVERYTHING that goes around.  

I have no idea why we keep getting sick, other than that a lot of crap is going around this season, and I'm exposed to it at work, Tai is exposed to it at the sitters, etc. Even worse is that we usually are sick at different times, I get it, so I'm home, a week later Tai has it, so I'm home again, and then (rarely) Colton will get it for maybe a day. I don't even understand how it happens that Tai and I pass it back and forth and Colton stays healthy. It makes working full time so freaking hard, especially in the winter season where there is no one to cover for me-and I refuse to send Tai to daycare if he is sick at all.

I've started taking large amounts of vitamin C, and chugging airborne and Emergen-C. I even diffused essential oils all over my house through candle warmers and humidifiers. And still we get sick! Our house is new, so it's not mold, its clean and sanitary, and I'm a compulsive hand washer. I just don't get it!

Please tell me that everyone else has had an awful winter, and it's not just me and my horrible immune system.

I literally just popped a vitamin C at my desk at work.

I am SO sick and tired of being sick and tired :-) and also I hate snow. You people who are like "YESSSSSSSSSSSS bring on the Snow, in November, and then are like I am so done with Snow bring on the heat in March." No. Just No. Pick a side.

I am ALWAYS done with Snow. Always.

I hate driving in it, I hate touching it, I hate being cold, I don't do winter sports. Nope Nope Nope.

I ONLY like winter for it's hot chocolate properties. MMMMM.

A few sick shots to follow. (And a picture of my desk, Vitamin C, right next to my pens and pencils.)

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