Thursday, March 7, 2013

One One ONE

Dear Tai,

You are one.
You are walking a little (or falling in style.)
You give kisses when asked. (They are an open mouthed "MAH")
You love Toy Story and will watch it for HOURS.
You sleep through the night, though you have to be right between mommy and daddy.
You love your Grandparents (both sides) and they SPOIL you.
You love puppy dogs, and animals, and anything soft and fluffy.
You know when you are being "naughty" and run from mom and dad.
You cry out to "dada" when he leaves for work, and give big smiles to mommy when she picks you up.
You have some good friends that you wrestle with, Kru Kirkland, Christopher "Giddy" Gogan, and Reighlee and Bridger Glissmeyer.
You love to eat, you get super excited when I give you juice, and throw your cup in disgust if it's water.
You are terrified of vacuums.
You are a good napper (if someone holds you.)
You still haven't met your uncle Curtis-only a few more months.
You love to play with daddy, pull mom's hair, take baths (some times you give them to yourself.)
You have been caught splashing in the toilet too many times.
When you are done eating you throw your food on the floor for snack time "later."
You love to press buttons, plug in cords, turn off the power cords, and suck on plugs.
You are just starting to let us put shoes on you.
You finally got your first two teeth about two weeks before your birthday!
Since you started walking we have to keep the front door dead bolted because you have escaped a few times and took off running. 
You come on all of mom and dad's dates with us.
You wear pajamas everywhere because they cover your feet and you HATE socks.
You STILL hate to be covered by blankets.
Occasionally you sleep in your Buzzy Bed (aka the Toy Story Couch we got from he absolutely loves it and it transforms into a couch.)
You like to play outside, though the weather hasn't been good enough yet. I cannot WAIT for it to get warm so I can put you on the back porch and let you play.
The doctor told daddy that you don't have an imagination yet, so you mimic-and you started mimicking us on the phone-it's our favorite!

We love you to the moon and back.

Looking at fishies with daddy.

You go on every date with us. We are lame.

You let yourself into the bath, and it was cold.

You "mimic" what we do, and like to "help."

You love to eat-we went and saw Wreck It Ralph in theaters this day.

Talking on the phone (or a lego, or your hand...)

One Year Old Shots :( Sore and Snuggling with Daddy.

Throwing a tantrum and hitting your hands on the floor.

Helping Yourself Into The Bath

Funny Faces (and relief that it's warm.)

Toy Story with a VERY patient daddy who has watched it sooo many times.

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