Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tai's First Haircut!

  On Sunday the 10th we were in Salt Lake for the Kynaston Annual Valentines dinner. Every year Colton's grandpa takes all the girls out for a nice dinner, which, by the way, I think is the sweetest and most thoughtful tradition EVER. It has been one of the best things of being married-to get to enjoy all the new and exciting family traditions and get togethers.

Since most of his family couldn't make it to Tai's birthday party, we had a cake smash and Tai got his present from Colton's aunts. We also had a special first-his haircut.

I wasn't anywhere near thinking we would cut his hair, but since both Colton's mom and Grandma are hairstylists, I was getting a lot of crap about my little boy and his wild fuzz ball head. So we cut it.

Daddy wasn't there to watch, but that's okay because he wasn't nearly as attached to the fuzz head as I was. When I asked if he was okay if we got it cut he said "do you want me to say no?" I love husbands and their ability to take the blame ;)

So we got a cute cut, and I kept some of his little first locks of hair, which Colton says is disgusting...(eye roll)!

Enjoy the pictures :)

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