Wednesday, August 15, 2012

6 Months!

I've got a 6 month old! MaTai turned 6 months old a few days before our wedding. It was nice to not have to be worrying about pumping and breastfeeding for the month prior to our wedding, it gave my hormones a chance to calm down!

I feel like Tai is changing so fast. He sits up all by himself, eats solid foods, and can pick up crackers/cookies by himself and feed himself. He is so fun, and such a handful already. He grabs anything in site and puts it in his mouth-or just swipes at it. (Which has resulted in a lot of broken glasses.)

The doctor says he is in the 25th percentile for height and weight-and in the 75th for his head. I don't even understand that lingo but I'm kind of glad he's on the lighter side-I couldn't handle carrying a chunk baby.

Tai really is SO easy. He eats anything, he take whatever is offered to him. He isn't picky and we haven't found a food that he won't eat.

When we moved out of my parents and finally got into our new complex, he just started sleeping in his crib, no problem. Truthfully I had more of a problem with it than he did-I missed my cuddle buddy.

He is healthy as can be (minus an outbreak of thrush after the wedding chaos) and such an easy baby. I constantly feel myself asking-how do other people do this without an easy baby. Tai barely cries and if he does it's because he is hungry or tired.

We love him to death, he gives kisses to his mom and growls at his dad. He is getting so fun and playful, I can't believe he's this old though!

I found him under his crib the other day, and about panicked because he rolled across the room in 2 minutes! He then fell asleep under there! Haha.

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